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Welcome to the Chip Campaign Web Page
Wow!! I can't believe the support this is still getting. Even though I have not updated the site for probably 2 years things still seem to be going strong. I typed the URL in today not even expecting this to be working. Talk about amazing.

Anyway I am going to try and update my website over the next couple of weeks to keep you all informed.

As for the moment, the only thing I can really think to say is thank you (especially to all the support from Norway) for all the support wherever you are from.

One more point. Even though the Save Chip campaign has died down, we all know that their are a thousand "Sarahs" out their looking to make life a misery for football fans everywhere and we must keep the campaign going.

Keep in touch all.
Lastest news

I Freely admit that most of the links from this website are pretty much dead as Arsenals ability to keep themselves under control. I am trying to get them updated though so I can get a few decent sites on.

Anyway the new football season is under way and Tim and Helen are back on our screens again. Thankfully they are back bigger and better than before.

Anyway now the football season has started again keep an eye on the site. New links, pictures, and updates will be appearing soon and the site may be getting new pages to cope with the great response I am getting from you all. I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who has signed my guestbook and helped me build this site.

Only one more thing to say really now the new season has started COME ON DERBY!!!! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BEFORE I GIVE UP ALL HOPE ON YOU WIN SOMETHING HALF DECENT.

Welcome To My Home Page

Please remember to visit my web-site on a regular basis and help Chip. I do intend to update the web-page on a regular basis and I hope to put the latest news on as soon as possible.

If you're at this website then you are showing your support for chip. But how far are you willing to go. If you have a pictures of yourselves showing your support for Chips Campaign then please e-mail me them to the link at the bottom of the page. If your Browser is not setup to use Mail Links then please mail any Save Chip photo's or letters of support for chip to the following address:

Remember a football fan is in trouble and Chip must be saved. SAVE CHIP!! Don't let Sarah Win

Site Updates

The Chips Supporters link has now been filled with shows of support - remember if you have any pictures then send them to me so I can show your support for Chip

Also check out the Soccer AM link. The page is all about the program and deserves a look. Currently looking for web-pages dedicated to the Soccer AM program. If anyone knows good sites please e-mail me at the link below


Pictures of Support

Please e-mail any pictures you have to the link below that show your support for chip.

If you have a short video of yourself or someone else showing the support for Chips Campaign then please send me that and I will stick it on the site.
Send an email

Don't let Sarah Win