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Soccer AM - The greatest show on earth

Soccer AM is on Saturday morning's on Sky Sports One. This is a program that should not be missed. With Tim Lovejoy's Humour (And very dodgy pink jumpers) and Helen's amazing beauty the show is unmissable

Tim and Helen
  Typical Manchester Type Bloke
Typical Manchester type blokey.

Really miss the guy. Would be nice to see him back.

Of course this is not the only character of the show, there are too many to mention, but this is without a doubt my favorite out of the lot

Sky Sports Web Site

Of course I can only tell you so much, but visit the web site at

Sky Sports

Save Chip Campaign

The Save Chip campaign web site

Save Chip

Manchester type bloke

Two of the guests

Can anyone see a resemblance in the two photos? hmmm.

Soccer AM - the greatest show on earth